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I am already saving up for babies. Both brands Jordan and Jordan are under the umbrella of Nike and Converse x Jordan would be like Goku and Vegeta/Mayo And Chicken/Peanut butter and Jelly/South Africa and Corruption/Rolling paper and Weed …..etc. No matter how many analogies I can come up with non of our feeble brains can comprehend how awesome this is gonna be both for the company and sneaker heads like us. But truth be told most collaborations are about mashing two logos together on a shoe and I really hope this is not case. I really hope this would be one of those concord moments/book of revelations/man on the moon/first kiss from a crush typa shit. This has evoked emotions in my heart . In conclusion “Bring unto to the sneakerhead what belongs to the sneakerhead”.

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Jordan Brand and Converse are more intertwined than most casual observers would think: they’re both under the greater Nike umbrella, and they both have a history—one more obvious than the other—with one Michael Jeffrey Jordan. Jordan wore Converse during his collegiate days at the University Of North Carolina, so the two brands teamed up last year for a two-shoe pack consisting of an Air Jordan 2 and a Converse Fastbreak Mid, the shoe Jordan wore during the 1984 Olympics.
After rumors earlier this year of collaborative Air
Jordan 1 s and Air Jordan 11 s, it appears as if the Jumpman and the brand with the Chevron will indeed joining forces again. Images of two different co-branded boxes have surfaced, one black and one red, both of which feature a Chuck Taylor on the top with the reflection of a Jordan 11 directly below, while further Jordan and Converse logo hits appear on the front. Owing to the branding, it’s reasonable to assume that the collaboration will consist of one or both iconic sneakers, most likely in two different colorways due to the different colored boxes. Let us know what you think of this interesting collaborative developent, and keep it locked here for further updates as they become available.


Classically Expensive

Hand crafted in Italy(Obviously), the 100MM Sport is presented in full-grain Italian calf leather, the finest part of the calf. Artfully constructed with hand painted edges, featuring an interchangeable nylon belt closure. Rubber sole guarantees durable traction. 100 millimeters in height.For $695.00, I think the price is not high enough they should atleast a thousand bucks (USD). Most brands that give us high priced shoes usually created shoes that are too much and most of the time they look like something only a clown would wear, but not here. Buscemi’s give me a sense of hope that functionality and simplicity will be future and the pillar of the design world. I know X-Trend (Sandton Mandela Square) used to have these babies on sale, manje what happend ??? X-Trend bring Buscemi back on your shelves

Retswa ka di Rs

Nasty has one , look at these babies are just to die for. These are affordable and attainable . You can get these babies on shelflife , Anatomy ,Archieve and all Puma stores nation wide. Id like to buy a pair of my own, its been a while since a bought shoes vele vele wabona ….mara cava lomswenko.

I was a year late

In my opinion Puma is the best when it comes to reinventing the classic.

I am not going to say much about the 90’s classic brand Coogi with its last year’s collaboration with Puma. The South African market needs shoes like this and we do not want to buy them online we want them in our shops where we can touch and feel them. South Africa has speaker sneakerheads for days. Sneaker exchange is hosted annually but this is not enough for us. Hold up

25 May 2017 Puma Clyde x Coogi

Father God

I want these shoes at Sneaker Exchange

I’m Back

Young lad listen…..

1995 the greatest year ever. This particular year has brought a sense divinity to this God forsaken world. I was born in 1995 and The gravity defying Michael Jordan came back to the NBA scene, 18 March 1995 to be precise. Wel it was the greatest “comes back” in the history of “come backs”, if such a thing exists.

And he said “I’m back”, picture this as if it was a movie scene and Michael Jordan was the “Black Panther “, a hero of African descent back in the court, sweat on his dark ebony skin,veins rushing with blood, secret admirer in the crowd with a wink, small kid with nasal mucus on his face and lastly the sound of squeaking rubber confirm abuse and a serious game is about to take place.

Now imagine scrolling down and……..

Fuck let me just show you what is about to hit the shops 18 March 2018

Air Jordan 10 I’m Back

Details of where there will be sold I have no idea, you have the internet and search engine.

Bye 🙂



First of September and its Spring, well at least here in South Africa, and Nike has moved the bar way up. We have seen denim used on shoes before but never in my wildest days I would have imagined it being used on ” The Classic”. First “Flyknit” technology was tested on the classic and I cannot lie it worked, I think .

Now its denim on the “Classic’ , well I do not like it. Well if you like it, then for 500USD this could be yours and in South Africa you might spend around 6500ZAR.